Who do we help

We work with business owners, CEO's, executives, professionals, non-profits & entrepreneurs who want to remove roadblocks & advance their organization

How do we help

We help businesses create systems, gain efficiencies, engage & retain employees and improve inter-team communication to advance business success through coaching, consulting and project execution.

Our credentials

Executive Coaches & Change Management Professionals with over 25 yrs real life experience.

More about us

Ignite Leadership is a team of business savvy professional consultants, focused on removing business growth roadblocks, to facilitate success for organizations, their employees and customers. Through a comprehensive offering of consulting, coaching and training, and hands on execution, Ignite Leadership has the ability to navigate business challenges in every department of your organization, get everyone engaged, solve problems, activate and execute critical projects, and implement sustainable improvements. Behaviour Assessments such as DISC, Sales IQ, Leadership Motivator Assessments and more add value to employers and employees alike. One of the key differentiators between Ignite Leaderships and other business consultants is our willingness to roll up our sleeves and get the job done and to become an integral part of your team. Our MoreThanGreen (TM) approach reflects our goal to do more for the environment, our clients and our community. We donate to our charities and volunteer every year based on gross revenues. When we help you, you help others! Why not contact us today for a complimentary Ignite Session to learn more and the next steps you can take to Align. Activate. Advance your business.

Ignite Leadership International

North Vancouver British Columbia

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