Manage your small business like an MBA... (using our software)

Spend less time on admin tasks, scale and thrive...


Tools suite

Run your business using our wide array of online tools, under one login.

All your to-do's and agenda in one page

If you have to dos related to your Marketing, Operations, HR etc activities, you will see them all in one page so you can prioritize better and delegate as appropriate. No more stuff falling through the cracks.

Generate leads using different methods including cold calling

Manage prospects lists, marketing campaigns (cold calls, emails, voicemails, surveys), newsletters.

Manage orders and nurture relationships with clients

Manage clients interactions (CRM). Create products/services lists. Create quotes and orders. Manage and invoice orders.

Organize your fulfilling processes for best customer experience and efficiency

Manage projects and tasks. Schedule client appointments and track orders. Assign to your employees or contractors. Communicate with your team. Create to-do lists. Track issues

Access your financials, live

Full accounting and bookkeeping module for small businesses. Manage invoices, receipts, bills. Integrated with clients, orders, HR. Give your bookkeeper or accountant remote access. Download bank and credit card statements directly in the application.

Pay your employees/contractors

Manage your employees or contractors. Track their projects, tasks, orders or appointments. Manage time sheets and pay them.

Build your professional cloud answering system for no added expense

Make or receive calls at your computer. Get local or Toll free numbers for your business. Create your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Allow virtual assistants to answer your phone or to call your clients or prospects in your behalf.

Slide in and out all your productivity tools if you need to multitask

Email functionality with up to 5 accounts per user, including external accounts (gmail, etc). Calendar, centralized to do list, centralized online file management system, centralized address book. Internal messaging system to communicate with your team.

Learn how to do

Easy access to information, find anything about running and growing your business.

Wonder what options you have to promote your business? Or perhaps have questions how to go about finding and hiring somebody? Do you know what you don't know about running a business?
Check our Education tab for general business management information, the Blog for more specific questions or even ask your questions in our Forum where our specialists will be happy to answer.

  • Education

    You don't have an MBA? No problem. Our Education section summarizes main concepts taught in business schools around the world. Learn about Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR and R&D.

  • Blog

    For more specific questions about running a business you have our Blog at your disposal. Advice, How Tos etc organized under the same 6 categories Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR and R&D.

  • Forum

    If you have not found your answers in the Education section or in the Blog, you can check out the Forum. Perhaps somebody else already had a similar question. Or just ask your question there and our specialists will be happy to answer.



Easy access to business services providers, companies and freelancers.

Even though you are a supehero in your business, sometimes you can use help with some specialized or administrative tasks.
Do you need a bookkeeper or perhaps somebody to cold call prospects in your behalf?
Our Directory has a wide range of service providers that offer almost any business services that you may need.
Find somebody locally or remote, our website allows for online collaboration anyway.

Done for you

Find any business service that you may need in our DIRECTORY. Find local providers that you can sit down with or remote providers and take advantage of our website's online collaboration capabilities.

These are just some services available in our DIRECTORY

  • Accountants/Bookkeepers
  • Business coaches
  • Web designers and online marketers
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance
  • Virtual assistants
  • Writers
  • Business support centers
  • Financing providers
  • Mentors
  • Etc, etc, etc...