Who do we help

Small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurially oriented companies, people with great ideas and little knowledge on how to make them materialize.

How do we help

Business Consulting, Personal Coaching, Process Analysis, Process Implementation, IT assessments, resolution generation, Purchasing and Supply Chain Analysis.

Our credentials

B. Comm, International Business, PMP (In Progress), 12 years experience.

More about us

Profectus Consultations is a full service consulting company with a mission to make the small companies have a bigger pieces of the industry pie. With a passion for creating success stories, we offer know-how in virtually all areas of business. Since its inception in 2008, Profectus has assisted a multitude of entrepreneurs reach their desired level of sales, personal development, and healthy margins. Our success is based on the success of our clients, so failure is never an option. With an affordable consultation, your company will gain the know how to progress to the next level - whether in sales, organizational processes, or target bottom line. Call us today to improve tomorrow.

Profectus Consultations

Pointe-Claire Québec

Sonjali Di Guida
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