Montréal, Québec, Canada,

  Rose Salkova, CPA, CGA


Who do we help

Serving small and medium sized businesses in Montreal

How do we help

Providing complete A-Z accounting, finance, payroll and tax support

Our credentials

CPA, CGA with 12+ years of experience

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Helping small and medium sized businesses in the Montreal region with their accounting, finance, payroll and IT needs: we provide concrete solutions, tailored to your needs. Expertise: Accounting, finance and cash management Payroll, taxes and representing during audits Growth, restructuring and training IT, security, internal controls and risk management Hire your Controller on an as-needed basis: Occasional help to alleviate the workload of your current team Long-term relationship with part-time professionals Because every business should have crystal clear, professional finance and administration.

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Montréal Québec

Rose Salkova, CPA, CGA
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